Grand Consulting

Taking care of your digital office. All of it.

Grand Consulting specializes in managed IT services and tech support for professional industries including dental, financial, construction, manufacturing, insurance, staffing, and law offices in the Des Moines Metro area.

 We're Computer Support Wizards, We Appear Whenever You Need Us.

Grand Consulting can take care of repairs, setup, and even a quick question you may have about your computer. Computers become a headache far more often than anyone would like. With Grand Consulting, you can rest easy knowing we always have your back if a problem arises.

  • Install specialized computer software
  • Remotely access your desktop computer
  • Provide detailed support for your computer-related questions
  • Repair faulty hardware in your computer

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • The best part about working with Grand Consulting is that we almost never have to call them. They’re real go-getters and take care of things we didn’t even know were problems.
    Dr. Nathan Hull, Langwith, Hull & Roush Orthodontists PC
  • I love having Grand Consulting for tech support. I can talk with them directly and get big problems or my little annoyances taken care of. If something isn’t working, I just call them up and they take care of it right away.
    Susan Hanken, Office Manager, Eyecare Associates of Ankeny
  • Their proactive monitoring and maintenance services keep us up and running. We rarely have an “IT Emergency.” With Grand Consulting handling my IT needs, I have one less worry at the office.
    Dr. Chad Stevenson, Grand Dental