Let's put faces to names.

At Grand Consulting, we strive to provide “really good tech support from real, good people.” But what does that mean?
It means when you call us, we answer. You’ll know our names, and more importantly, we’ll know yours. You might even invite us to your wedding. Hey - don’t laugh. It happened.
Aida sitting at her desk with Sara standing behind her

Our Team

Igor Dobrosavljević


Thái Lương

Technical Support Specialist

Sara Vandell

Office Manager

Halil Lilić

Technical Support Specialist

Z-Shan Bhaidani

Technical Support Specialist

Aida Johnson

Project Manager

Chad Bowen

Technical Support Specialist

Andrei Pankratov

Technical Support Specialist
We Run On Entrepreneurial Operating System

Grand Consulting Runs on EOS

In 2022, we began our journey with the Entrepreneurial Operating System based on the book Traction by Gino Wickman. Our passion is to improve the lives of our clients by providing really good tech support from real, good people.
EOS has helped us with accountability, growing our people, and giving us goals that help us better support the fantastic companies we’re lucky enough to call clients.

Our Core Values

We lead with respect and integrity
Our success is in the details
We work together to achieve our shared and individual goals
We stay curious about the world, ourselves, and each other
We are positive and persistent

Now that we've met. We want to learn more about you

Good technical support can save you hours every week so you can spend more of your time on what matters.
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