When disaster strikes, cloud backups prevent catastrophe

Backing up to the cloud protects your data from extreme events like fires, floods, or theft. If something catastrophic happens, you can easily recover your data because it is stored safely and securely off-site.
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A charred computer, monitor, and keyboard from a fire
An illustration of a server backing up to the cloud and also syncing with a disk station

The cloud is just one tool in our arsenal when it comes to backing up your data

While some offices can function without a server for an afternoon, many of our clients cannot risk a single second of downtime. This is why we offer multiple layers of protection when backing up your data.
Think of each layer as a safety net. If something unexpected occurs, the more nets you have in place, the less likely your data will fall through the gaps. We implement backup solutions based on your budget, business objectives, industry regulations, and (most importantly) your tolerance for downtime.

No matter the scenario, we've got your back(up)

In case of human error...

Inevitably, someone will delete a file by accident. It happens. To prepare for this, we configure your server to take snapshots throughout the day. Once you notice something is missing, simply give us a call and we'll restore those files from your most recent snapshot.

In case of equipment failure...

Sometimes, a part of the server stops working or its software malfunctions. This happens for a number of reasons, but whatever the diagnosis, we can easily restore everything. We schedule full-system backups every evening so we have a fresh copy of your server available the following day. This backup also comes in handy when migrating your data to a new office.

In case of disaster...

We truly hope our clients never experience their worst case scenario, but we prepare for it anyway. If an unforeseen event takes place and all our other backup methods are inaccessible, this is when we turn to the cloud. Cloud backups are your final line of defense when it comes to data recovery.

Who is Grand Consulting?

Grand Consulting is an IT support provider that is focused more on people rather than technology. Don’t get us wrong. We are damn good at what we do, but we never want people to feel intimidated or discouraged by technology. 

Based in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, we mainly serve small- to medium-sized businesses that aren’t quite big enough to have their own IT department. We work with businesses across a range of industries including dental, healthcare, eyecare, law, accounting, creative, and construction.

A technical support specialist repairs a computer in the Grand Consulting work room

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I've worked with Igor and the Grand Consulting team at two different organizations. He speaks to us in a way so that we understand what is going on and gives us tips on how to be the most successful.

Is it time to update your backup plan?

We've seen it all! Let us help you prepare for all the possible "whoopsies" and "oh nos" that can occur in today's modern office.
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