Cloud solutions transform the way work gets done

The cloud has significantly changed how the modern office operates. You are no longer beholden to the limits of physical hardware for storage, software, and security.
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Construction workers reviewing a blueprint while holding a laptop
An illustration of how cloud software connects different devices

Our Approach To The Cloud

When you work with Grand Consulting, we focus on what’s most important to you and your staff. We’ll discuss the software you use, how your data is stored, the standards and regulations you must follow, and how access to your network is managed.
We propose solutions that help your staff perform their very best work. The cloud isn’t the answer to every problem, but when implemented in a thoughtful and deliberate way, it can enhance almost every aspect of your operation.

Where the cloud can give you a boost

Who is Grand Consulting?

Grand Consulting is an IT support provider that is focused more on people rather than technology. Don’t get us wrong. We are damn good at what we do, but we never want people to feel intimidated or discouraged by technology. 

Based in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, we mainly serve small- to medium-sized businesses that aren’t quite big enough to have their own IT department. We work with businesses across a range of industries including dental, healthcare, eyecare, law, accounting, creative, and construction.

A technical support specialist repairs a computer in the Grand Consulting work room

Our Clients Love Us

Grand Consulting provides quick replies, knowledgeable answers, and reasonable prices. As a bonus, they are good people.

Ready to discover what the cloud can do for you?

If you’re curious about how the cloud could enhance your operations, contact us today and we'll help you navigate this ever-changing landscape.
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