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If you’re unhappy with your current IT provider or can no longer take care of your technology yourself, Grand Consulting is here to help
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Managed Services Plans For Every Budget

Every organization is different. That’s why we offer two tiers of service for you to choose the level of support that best fits your needs

With our Full-Service Managed Services plan, you get the best of everything Grand Consulting has to offer. Priority support, strategic guidance, and proactive monitoring. All of this packaged up into one reliable IT partner.

No matter how many times you or your staff call us, you are billed the same predictable rate each month. You won't have to worry about receiving an unexpectedly large invoice because so and so keeps getting locked out of their computer.

Larger projects requiring equipment and additional resources will be quoted separately, but we will work with you to determine your budget and find solutions that align with your organization's long-term goals.

  • Unlimited priority support
  • Fixed monthly billing
  • Large projects are quoted separately
  • Automatic software and hardware updates
  • Security monitoring services (billed monthly)
  • Monthly security report
  • Access to Thai's Secret Guide To Des Moines' Restaurants
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The Compliance plan is ideal for organizations wanting to take a proactive approach to their IT, but don't require a lot of day-to-day support. We focus on preventing catastrophic failures and downtime by keeping your systems up-to-date and secure.

If something isn't working properly, we notify you. Support services are only performed at your request and charged hourly. For larger projects requiring equipment and additional resources, we send you a quote ahead of time so you can determine what will work within your budget.

We automatically apply updates to every work station and server in your network. For added protection, we also install security monitoring tools to detect malicious activity or non-compliance. At the end of each month, you'll receive a monthly security report summarizing any issues we may have found.

  • On-demand support
  • Hourly billing
  • Large projects quoted separately
  • Automatic software and hardware updates
  • Security monitoring services (Billed monthly per seat)
  • Monthly security report
  • Unlimited movie recommendations
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We do things differently.

Who is Grand Consulting?

Grand Consulting is an IT support provider that is focused more on people rather than technology. Don’t get us wrong. We are damn good at what we do, but we never want people to feel intimidated or discouraged by technology. 

Based in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, we mainly serve small- to medium-sized businesses that aren’t quite big enough to have their own IT department. We work with businesses across a range of industries including dental, healthcare, eyecare, law, accounting, creative, and construction.

A technical support specialist repairs a computer in the Grand Consulting work room

Our Clients Love Us

Their service, quality of work, and consistently pleasant and positive attitude are second to none. Those qualities make it an absolute pleasure to work with them.

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