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How We Seamlessly Unified Multiple Offices for Oral Surgeons, P.C.

About Oral Surgeons, P.C.

Oral Surgeons, P.C. has been a fixture in the Des Moines dental and surgical community for over 46 years. With four locations across the metro, they have performed thousands of surgeries for patients suffering from problems related to their teeth, mouth, and face.
If your entire practice operates from a single location, your IT setup is pretty simple. Everything you need lives in one place: patient records, calendar, phone system, and back-ups. But things can start to get tricky when you add a second location.

Multiple locations cause multiple headaches. Not just for staff, but patients as well.

When existing patients call Oral Surgeons, P.C. (OSPC) to set up an appointment with their doctor, they don't want to wait while they're transferred to another office or stand by while staff load the calendar for another location.

This extra time on the phone adds up. It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to load patient records and the doctors' schedules.

Establishing a Centralized Network

OSPC needed a unified experience across all locations, no matter which office they were sitting in.

If a nurse at the Ingersoll location needs patient x-rays that were taken at the Clive location, these files would be found in the exact same spot at both offices.

To create this seamless experience, Grand Consulting established a centralized network where information from all their locations would be stored. Then each office joined that network through an ultra-fast fiber connection.

All this was implemented with zero down time. OSPC's offices continued to operate fully while information from the old systems were slowly migrated to the new network.

Immediate Benefits

OSPC realized the benefits of their new network on day one. It's faster, easier to use, and allows them to be incredibly flexible.

When someone calls after hours with a medical emergency, the doctors at OSPC can log in remotely from home and find patient information just as easily as if they were at the office.

If a storm causes a power outage at one of their locations, the other offices can continue to operate without interruption.

Bugs and errors are easier to troubleshoot because Grand Consulting doesn't have to investigate each office separately.

Best of all, scaling is super simple. When OSPC is ready to add another location, Grand Consulting establishes another fiber connection, sets up the new workstations, and plugs everything into the existing network. No additional servers, hardware, or training required.